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Nico Morales was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was an athlete, opiate user, alcohol drinker, and now is an author. Nico grew up with both parents in a middle-class household. They exposed Nico to traveling, different cultures, and Church.

At a young age, Nico experienced trauma that he repressed. Mental unrest led to an exploration of substances, eventually propelling him into opiate use disorder. By 22, Nico was living out of his truck and spent most of his time finding odd, sometimes illegal ways to make money to support his drug habit.

After seeing others close to him pass from overdoses and recounting the times he came near-death, he recognized there was a reason he was still living. He put down the needle, but unfortunately picked up a bottle, causing the cycle of addiction to repeat itself. Due to the extent of Nico’s alcoholism, he found himself staying in a building with only electricity. After exploring different counseling techniques that were not successful, Nico turned to a faith-based recovery modality. In doing so, he found a love that he had never experienced and a dependency on something that made him truly whole. He now uses his lived experience to share topics and tools that he picked up through trial and error. Nico opened No Halo LLC in 2019 (a brand for sober living), has published a book, and loves green chile.
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Feb. 18, 2023

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Claiming sobriety from the depths of rock bottom, Nico Morales experienced the power of transformation. "I have learned to claim the term 'addict' with some positivity to it - I have acquired a better advantage and I have to ...

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