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Dana Spencer

Real Estate Life Coach

Dana Spencer is the Founder & CEO of Just In Time 4 502, LLC Coaching and Consulting. She guides Single Moms to achieve financial freedom through investing in real estate so that they can increase their cash flow without having to take time away from raising their children. Dana uses the Flight Assessment to uncover her clients’ Superpower which unlocks their self awareness in four key areas of life. Specializing in real estate investing, Dana uses her personal experiences to develop Single Moms to become master communicators, extreme relationship builders and experts in staying connected with the squad needed to achieve their vision for themselves and their children.

When Dana isn’t connecting with a client, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to podcasts, taking in the sunshine and staying active.

8. Rising Above Pregnancy Obstacles in College & Pivoting from Accounting to Real Estate for Financial Freedom: Dana Spencer's Inspiring Story
May 15, 2023

8. Rising Above Pregnancy Obstacles in College & Pivoting from Accoun…

Overcoming the odds, Dana Spencer was determined to provide a better future for her and her unborn child. Little did she know that her college days would take an unexpected twist, leading her to a career in direct marketing as …

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